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am i locked into a contract with standard if I pay the flat fee?

You can cancel our services at anytime and for any reason, there is no fine or fee. . 

am i more likely to pay a commission to a buyers agent when on the mls?

Although Realtors working with Buyers will pretty much ONLY search the MLS for their Buyers, Buyers themselves are searching all sorts of different websites, including realtor.com, elookyloo.com, homes.com,  homefinder.com, realty company websites and many others. We believe you are just as likely to be persuaded into paying a commission when on the MLS as you are when just on Zillow or Craigslist, for instance. Also, most buyers are working with Realtors, or connect with a Realtor after they have found the right home. Getting onto the MLS with us protects you from Realtors who would try to sell you a listing with them and also protects you from being persuaded into paying more than the going rate of commission on the MLS. For instance, a Realtor with a buyer will try to get 3% or more from a purely FSBO seller, but rarely ask for more than 2.4% when the Seller is on the MLS. . 

when i get on the mls, can i change the price or photos or description?

You can make any change and as many as you want with us. Just send an email to info@wisbestmls.com with the address in the subject line and your change request in the body of the email and we will take care of you.  

what is included with the flat fee?

Included with the flat fee due up front (the fee varies, click your region in the upper right of this page), you get access to the local MLS (there are 9 in Wisconsin), and ads on dozens of national and local real estate websites. We will also provide any real estate form you may need and guidance along the way. 

will i be blacklisted if i offer less than 2.4% on the mls?

Realtors cannot hide houses or property from their Buyers. Buyers typically receive an automatic email letting them know your house hit the market before their Realtor even sees the house. And if they want to see the house, then their Realtor has to show them your house, regardless of the commission offered. We have found that some Realtors with certain companies will write in their buyer agency contract that they will not show houses not offering commissions. But we have seen some Offers from some Realtors from those same companies to some of our sellers offering less than 2.4%.  Realtors will try to drive their buyers away from listings that offer lesser commissions, but in today's market our Sellers are having good success offering less than 2.4%. Many of our customers have sold their property without paying any commission to a Buyers agent and many have negotiated to pay far less than 2.4%. If your house is not selling in a timely manner and you are offering less than 2.4%, we would encourage you to increase the commission offered. Our goal is to help you sell as soon as possible and save the most money and that is our priority throughout our service. 

is there a fee to cancel my service?

There is never a fee to cancel and there are never any hidden fees or charges.


The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a corporation owned collectively by the Realtors’ association. It is engaged in the compilation, management and maintenance of real estate sales data. There is a national network of independently operated 'MLS companies' that become the source of all real estate data and statistics reported by the National Association of Realtors to the Federal Reserve of the United States. Wall Street and the Fed rely on MLS data to make important decisions. It is the marketplace and clearing- house of the vast majority of real estate. Just as the dollar derives its strength from the agreement of its users to accept it, the MLS derives its strength from the common knowledge and agreement that almost all property is sold there. It is this knowledge that gives my business power and my clients’ great service. Moreover, since listing on the MLS is a technical feat and requires no special finesse or experience, this service is essentially a commodity; Realtor’s residential listing service is a commodity. As with any commodity, the only factor that should influence one’s decision to buy is price. I am offering MLS for the guaranteed lowest price.


do i have to pay a commission?

As standardized the real estate brokerage industry is, you'd be surprised if there wasn't a law that required homeowners to pay a commission. The requirement for a commission has its origins in two places. First, contract law requires a price to be stated in a contract for it be an enforceable and legally binding contract. Secondly, the MLS corporation requires as part of its company policy that any real estate that is listed in its system offer the buyer's agent a commission. I'm sure many would like to be able to set a minimum price but that would be blatentely illegal collusion -- MLS cannot exclude a listing on account of the size of the commission offered. So although you do technically have to pay a commission if a Realtor procures the buyer, we can list it as $1 - in other words, you would like to negotiate the commission with the offer to purchase - and this is spelled out in the description of your property that Realtors see. Now it is true that a Realtor is much less likely if at all, to try and procure a buyer for your property knowing that potentially you refuse to pay a commission over $1. But think about that: since the commission is so standardized and the Realtors so guild-like, the commissions vary little. And since the commissions vary little, you don't have a lot of Realtors searching listed properties for large commission size and then trying to find a buyer for that particular house. Realtors do focus on buyers who can afford expensive houses, because the percentage is higher. This scenario is much more likely: a Realtor finds someone wanting to buy a piece of real estate and executes an agency contract with that person. In that agency contract, the buyer will agree to pay her agent a commission if her agent finds and procures a suitable property. The agent is thus assured of her commission regardless of how much the seller is offering to pay in commission. She gathers the buyers criteria and performs a search for houses within her price range. Is anyone really going to pick out and not show thier buyer the listings which offer a negotiable commission? Does anyone think that would be unethical? I do.